cooperative divorce

Are you facing a divorce and are frightened and confused?

Are you worried about the effect of a “court battle” on you and your children?

Are you and your ex able to act in your children’s best interest – despite the anger, hurt and frustration?  Would you like to retain your decision-making rights to determine shared custody?  It is not a pleasant experience to have a court order your children to spend the holidays at one place or another. You can make those decisions, as long as the decisions are fair and equitable.  I can help you do this.

Divorce can be one of the most painful, confusing, and emotionally draining experiences of one’s life.  It is especially devastating when you are not the one who wants the divorce.  When the decision has been made – please let yourself examine the healthier option of a COOPERATIVE divorce –rather than the old-fashioned and often destructive method of adversarial litigation.

Cooperative Divorce, or Collaborative Divorce (which involves a team of experts) is used throughout Europe, Australia, and increasingly in the U.S.  It is a process that is dedicated to seeking fair, thoughtful, and equitable decisions that will affect you and your children for years.

Cooperative/Collaborative Divorce Mediation fees are $150.00 per hour, not billable to insurance.

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